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How do I get Klaxoon certification?
How do I get Klaxoon certification?
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Become Klaxoon Certified

Get the official Klaxoon Certification to value your skills with your company and/or customers. Meet all their expectations by reaching full expertise and knowledge of the Klaxoon platform.

Click on this follow link: Become Klaxoon Certified


  • Change the way you work at an advanced level.

  • Become a Klaxoon expert.

  • Implement innovative facilitation methods to foster group interactions.

Program duration

  • 15 hours maximum.


  • Having a professional Klaxoon license in your own name.

An online pathway

#1 - Interactive course to complete at your own pace

You have access to an interactive course to learn more about Klaxoon activities. You can complete at your own pace before the workshops and modules

#2 - Remote training module

Participate in four 2-hour group virtual classes to learn more about Klaxoon's features and use cases. Then, benefit from a 45-minute individual coaching session with one of our experts.

#3 - Use case presentation

Gain recognition of your skills in front of a multidisciplinary jury, and receive a certificate of achievement (valid for two years from the date of the certificate).

#4 - Continuous learning

Benefit from 2 Open Talk workshops, 6 and 15 months after obtaining your certification, and ask all your questions to our Klaxoon experts!

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