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December 2023
12/14/2023: New color picker in Board
12/14/2023: New color picker in Board
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Access over 16 million colors by entering the RGB, HSL or HEX color code of your choice, or by selecting colors on-screen via the eyedropper.

You can now customize your Board to reflect your corporate identity, with more than 16 million colors to choose from! Optimize your visual management by categorizing your ideas through a vast variety of colors.

1) Extended color options for the toolbar and ideas

Board's new color picker provides extensive color options: from 50 pre-defined shades in the toolbar and 10,000 available colors for ideas to 16 million.

As well as being enriched, the toolbar palette (shapes, text, connectors, sketches, drawings and icons) has a new look, with round circles. Deep black and true white have also been added.

The color picker is also available in the idea color definition window. In addition, to make dark ideas easy to read, it is now also possible to make the text of the idea white.

Defining the colors of ideas on Board remains a feature specific to Board hosts and co-hosts.

💡 Please note: the color picker depends on the browser and OS, so its design may differ. The screenshots shown here were taken with Windows and Chrome.

2) Selection by color code

You can now use color codes to comply strictly with your company's graphic guidelines, or those of your customers or prospects.

In the color picker, fill in the boxes to enter one of the standard color codes: RGB, HSL or HEX.

You can also enter the HEX color code directly in the "add a color" modal of the ideas.

3) Selection by eyedropper

Need to retrieve a color from another document or image?
The color picker also lets you sample a color on-screen via the eyedropper. You can obtain the colors available in your Board, in another window or even outside the browser.

4) Alternative ways of selecting colors

Another quick way to select a color using Board's new color picker is to click in the color spectrum.

And in the specific case of ideas, the existing slider now lets you manually set Hue, Saturation and Light (HSL).

5) Saving your favorite colors

It's now very easy to find the colors you like and use frequently from one Board to the next, whether you're a participant or a host! Note that this works slightly differently for toolbar elements and ideas, to suit the different needs.

  • Specific to the toolbar palette: ability to save up to 10 favorite colors in "My Colors". A new toolbar color option, linked to the user's account and therefore accessible on all Boards in which they participate.

  • As for the ideas, in addition to the 2 existing access paths (in the idea creation modal and in "settings/colors"), there is a new "+" button in an idea's context menu for quick and easy access and storage of idea colors.

This feature has been available to all Klaxoon users since December 14th, 2023.

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