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What is transferred?
What is transferred?
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As your professional journey evolves, so does the management of Klaxoon activities! Are you transitioning to a new role or wrapping up a project? Feel free to hand over your activities to a team member whenever you need.

1 - Ownership of the activity

It's your ownership of the activity that you're giving to another person. The recipient of the transfer therefore becomes the owner in your place and obtains all the rights to the activity.

2 - Which activities?

You can transfer all activities in this way (Board, Quiz, Memo, Survey, Mission, etc.).

⚠ Except Articles and Questions, for which changing the owner would be tantamount to changing the author and could lead to confusion.

You can also transfer a Network. In this case it is only the ownership of the Network that is transferred and not that of the activities published on it, which must be transferred separately if necessary.

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