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How do I create a dimension on my Board?
How do I create a dimension on my Board?
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As an animator, you can customize and personalize the ideas on a Board by adding categories or dimensions.

Here we describe how to create a dimension.

To create a category, please consult the following article: How do I create a category on my Board?

Dimensions are used to further qualify ideas. Dimensions take the form of free fields at the bottom of each idea. Participants are free to enter additional details (e.g. first name, date, keyword). The moderator can then use these criteria to refine the sorting of ideas.

1 - From your Board

Access the options menu (top right)

2 - Add Dimensions

Fill in the fields and click on "Save".

If you wish to add more dimensions, click on the "+" button.

⚠ A maximum of 3 dimensions can be configured

Check the "activate for participants" box so that participants can access the dimensions.

You can delete a dimension by clicking on the cross at the end of the line.

3 - Using dimensions

Now that the configuration is active, participants can add a dimension to the submitted idea.

The idea will then appear in the Board view.

Would you like to organize your Board's ideas according to different criteria?

See the following article: Use Smart Groups

The list view of your Board allows you to view the dimensions of posted ideas.

If you'd like to find out more about the different views of a Board, see this article: What are the different views of a Board?

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