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What options are available in the Network menu?
What options are available in the Network menu?
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A Network is a private workgroup in which you can share Klaxoon activities.

As the owner of a network, you have access to a range of features.

If you'd like to find out more about managing a network, see the following article: The Manage Networks screen

From a Network

1 - Display list view

By default, the Grid view is activated.

To change it, click on the item indicated in the yellow box below.

2 - Access the "3 dots" menu

To access the activity options menu, click on the vertical "3 dots" at the right end of the line.

Depending on the user's level of rights to the activity in question and its status, the options menu contains a number of actions to perform:

  • (De)activate notifications linked to the activity

  • Add/remove the activity to/from favourites

  • Edit the activity

  • Delete activity

If you'd like to invite members to a Network event, you'll find all the information you need in the following resource: Invite members

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