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What are the different views of a Board?
What are the different views of a Board?
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When you browse a Board, you'll be offered different views to best suit your needs.

The 3 views available are as follows:

  • Board view (default view)

  • Column view

  • List view

Each participant is free to view content from any view.

If you'd like to change your Board view, please read this article: How do I change my Board view?

Board view

The Board view lets you manually place ideas on the infinite whiteboard.

Column view

The column view organizes ideas according to their category, which can be modified by dragging and dropping.

If you'd like to find out more about column view, read this article: The column view changes

Click on a column's "3 dots" menu to change sorting (by date, by category, by like)

Display all ideas or just your ideas ("Display" menu, top left)

Group ideas by category or color ("Group by" menu, top right)

List view

The List view lets you sort ideas according to various criteria (colors, categories, dimensions, etc.), all visible in a table.

You'll also find options for displaying and grouping ideas (see Column view).

You can also filter ideas according to three criteria: files, media and links.

If you'd like to add dimensions to qualify your ideas, see this article: Use dimensions in List view

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