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How does Klaxoon work for Interactive Diplays?
How does Klaxoon work for Interactive Diplays?
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Whether in the office or in hybrid setting,find out how to connect quickly to Klaxoon from an interactive screen.

⚠ This feature is only available to Pro users

How do I access the "Display on a screen" function?

1 - From your computer or smartphone

As a host or as a participant, you have two ways of displaying an activity:

  • In the activity, from the option

  • From the list of your activities

In either scenario, select the 3 dots icon, then click on “Display on screen”. This action prompts a window to open, enabling you to enter a code.

2 - From the interactive screen

From 2nd screen, launch the dedicated Klaxoon application if installed, or go to A code appears on the screen, all you have to do is enter the code in your computer or smartphone. The code is updated every 60 seconds.

If you'd like to know how to install the application, see this article: How do I install the application on one or more interactive displays?

If you would like to know the technical prerequisites, please consult this article: What are the technical prerequisites for installing the "Display on a screen" feature?

3 - Start collaborating!

You can now interact with your participants: share ideas, start a live chat, answer a Survey, share a Mission… if you need to change activity, you can also go straight back to your homepage.

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