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How do I display an activity on an interactive screen?
How do I display an activity on an interactive screen?
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Find out how to quickly connect to Klaxoon from an interactive screen.

⚠ The functionality presented here is only available to Pro users

1 - From your computer or smartphone

As a host or as a participant, you have two ways of displaying an activity:

  • In the activity, from the option.

  • From the activity article.

In either scenario, select the 3 dots icon, then click on “Display on screen”. This action prompts a window to open, enabling you to enter a code.

2 - From the interactive screen

From 2nd screen, launch the dedicated Klaxoon application if installed, or go to A code appears on the screen, all you have to do is enter the code in your computer or smartphone. The code is updated every 45 seconds.

3 - Start collaborating!

You can now interact with your participants: share ideas, start a live chat, answer a Survey, share a Mission… if you need to change activity, you can also go straight back to your homepage.

To find out how to stop a Klaxoon activity being displayed on an interactive screen, read this article: How do I stop interactive screen sharing?

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