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What's in the Board side menu?
What's in the Board side menu?
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Board's side menu lets you perform various actions with just a few clicks.

Find out here how to start a Live, activate a sync or launch a vote.

The Board moderator can activate or deactivate certain participant actions. Find out how to set up these functions in the following article: Checklist for easy Board sharing

Share a videoconference

1 - Click on the camera icon to launch Live.

2 - Then click on "Start a video"

To find out more about Live, read this article: How do I start a Live?

Start synchronizing your movements

You want to take control so that participants can follow your movements.

1 - Click on "Follow me" and synchronization is activated.

2 - The icon below appears on your avatar

3 - To stop synchronization, simply click on the avatar

To find out more about synchronizing a Board, read this article: How do I activate my Board's sync?

Soliciting your team

1 - If you'd like to question your participants, click on the "vote" icon

2 - Take advantage of a range of possibilities: Dot-voting, voting, challenge, storm...

Manage your time

1 - Manage your time with Chrono, Timer or Pause, click on the stopwatch icon

2 - Then select Chrono, Timer or Pause with a single click.

To find out more about Chrono and Timer, see this article: Using the stopwatch/timer

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