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👉 The New Homepage
👉 The New Homepage
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The Klaxoon homepage has been revamped to offer you an even more intuitive and efficient experience.

Discover in this article all the features that will help you organize, access and interact with your content and teams in the blink of an eye.

1 - The header

The header plays an essential role, providing you with essential navigation cues and access to key functionalities. Positioned at the top of the interface, it remains visible on all pages, ensuring uniform accessibility and ease of use.

  • Display of week number and date

  • Access code: join an activity or Network

  • Customization: configuration of blocks and display type (grid view, list view)

  • Log: recent interactions

  • Profile menu: profile, settings, notes, statistics, logout

2 - New publications

The "New publications" block means you'll never again miss a publication in the Networks of which you're a member.

This block works as follows:

  • All new activities published less than 3 months ago in the Networks of which you are a member are displayed in thumbnail form, by most recent publication date.

  • The Network and publication date, as well as the person who published the activity, are indicated in the thumbnail.

  • You can access the activities displayed in the "New publications" block, by clicking on the corresponding thumbnail, which will redirect you to the activity's article. Once consulted, an activity will no longer appear in the "New publications" block.

  • If you are not particularly interested in an activity, you can also choose to remove it from the "New publications" block by clicking on the cross in the top right-hand corner. This will remove it from the block, but the activity will remain accessible via your Activities page.

3 - Favorites

Prioritize your content efficiently! Whether it's an important Board or a recurring project file, the Favorites section lets you pin your most important activities for easy access. Simply select the items you wish to bookmark and they will be displayed prominently on your home page, giving you quick and convenient access to the content and resources that are most important to you.

  • Access to bookmarked activities

  • Access to the favorites page: search by title, keyword, activity type, status (new, in preparation, shared or closed)... and to the grid view or list view.

4 - Pinned networks

  • Search by title, keyword...

  • Access to pinned networks: sort by title, author, update

  • Grid view or list view​

5 - Recently viewed

The "Recently viewed" section functions like a dynamic dashboard, giving you an overview of all recent activity in your workspace. Designed to be practical and efficient, this page gives you one-click access to your most recent activities.

  • Access to recent activities: sort by activity type, by status (in preparation, shared or closed)

  • Grid or list view

6 - Navigation bar

  • "+ New"

  • Search

  • Home

  • Activities

  • Recent

  • Favorites

  • Networks

  • Questions

  • Invitations

  • Template library

  • First steps

  • Need more help?

If you'd like to find out more about the navigation bar, read this article: The new navigation bar

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