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The new navigation bar
The new navigation bar
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Navigating Klaxoon has never been easier!

Explore the navigation bar, designed to simplify your use.

"+ New "

The New button enables users to create a new activity directly from the navigation bar.


The Search button lets you quickly find specific activities, content or information within Klaxoon.


This button takes you to the Klaxoon home page, providing a central starting point for exploration. For more information, see "Home page".


Serves as your command center for managing all your activities whether created by you (“My activities” equivalent to the "studio" page in the original interface) or shared by other users ("Shared with me" page).


Serves as your dynamic dashboard, providing an overview of all the latest activities you've encountered within your workspace.


Enables to create your own personalized hub, providing quick and convenient access to the content and activities that matter most to you. Simply select the items you frequently use or reference and add them to your Favorites list, enabling you to create a customized hierarchy of essential resources for easy access. By clicking on the "Organize Favorites" icon located on the top right hand corner of the header, you may rearrange your favorite activities according to your preference.


Serves as a centralized workspace, providing a versatile and customizable environment where teams can brainstorm, plan, and execute projects with ease. Tailor your Networks page to align with your preferences and workflow by pinning the Networks you need to access in priority: “Pinned Networks” serve as primary access points on both the Networks page and Home page.


Provides a comprehensive and centralized solution for managing inquiries, discussions, and feedback. By replacing traditional email communication with a more streamlined and collaborative approach, Questions empowers teams to communicate more effectively, deliver projects more efficiently, and collaborate seamlessly.


Serves as a centralized hub for managing invitations and welcoming new members into your collaborative environment.

Template library

Provides access to more than 200 ready-to-use Klaxoon templates online.

First steps

Offers a user path based on use cases to illustrate the different possibilities of the platform and inspire use. The First Steps are available in several places on the platform: in the navigation bar, in the help menu & on the home page for users who have not yet created an activity.

Need help

Offers assistance resources, including FAQs, tutorials, and contact information for customer support.

To find out more about our activities, read this article: Create Klaxoon activities

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