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Create Klaxoon activities
Create Klaxoon activities
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Access infinite possibilities for creation and engagement! Explore the unique features of each tool on the platform and discover new ready-to-use templates for every activity.

Discover all the new Klaxoon activity creation features in this article.

  • The New button enables users to create a new activity directly from the navigation bar.

  • The tools are organized into a logical order to help you get started: activities (can be launched independently), blended activities and Workspace.

  • A tab with a product description opens by hovering on each activity. Click on the narrow to hide the description block. Your preference will be automatically saved on each tab.

  • You may create a new activity from scratch or select a template. When clicking on "create" you will be redirected into the edit of your activity (primarily the Studio). The latter has been designed with a white background to visual harmonization with the new brand book of the platform.

  • "Article" is deleted from the list of new activities and is now available directly in Networks.



Unleash your creativity with a digital whiteboard, perfect for brainstorming, ideation, and collaborative work sessions.


Gather valuable insights and feedback from your team or audience with customizable surveys, making data collection a breeze.


Test knowledge and comprehension with interactive quizzes, ideal for training sessions and educational activities.


Gamify learning and team challenges with Adventure, an immersive experience that fosters collaboration and competition.


Share knowledge effectively with a succession of pages, perfect for tutorials, guides, and step-by-step instructions.


Spark discussions and encourage participation with open-ended questions, promoting engagement and critical thinking.

Blended activities


Elevate your meetings and training sessions with live presentations and interactive features, fostering dynamic collaboration.


Transform learning into an exciting adventure with gamified e-learning courses designed to assess skills and knowledge.



Create a private workspace for your team, providing a secure environment for collaboration and confidential discussions.

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