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How do I log in with SSO?
How do I log in with SSO?
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Single Sign-On (SSO) is a service that enables a user to use the same credentials to log on to several different applications.

There are 2 types of SSO: public and private.

Public SSO

Public SSO login via platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn.... enables users to log in to Klaxoon using the same login credentials they use for their account on these platforms.

This simplifies the authentication process for users by eliminating the need to create and remember multiple sets of credentials.

To get started, open your browser and access Klaxoon via the following address: (depending on the environment).

Then click on "Connect".

The login screen opens, allowing you to opt for simplified login via different public platforms.

SSO privé

SSO is private because authentication is based on company credentials.

1 - Connecting from the Klaxoon test pattern

From the login screen, click on "Company login".

Users simply need to enter their email address to be automatically redirected to their SSO.

The user is redirected to the Enterprise login portal.

Example of an enterprise login test pattern

2 - Login from the dedicated URL

It is also possible to connect to Klaxoon via the dedicated URL <client> in the browser address bar.

💡 As a host when you share an activity, the recipient of an email inviting them to join the activity will receive a personalized link to redirect them directly to their private SSO

If you'd like to make SSO authentication even more secure, take a look at this resource: What is forced SSO?

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