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How do I export a Board in DOCX format?
How do I export a Board in DOCX format?
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Find out how to export Board content in editable DOCX format.

⚠ The only prerequisite is that you are a Board animator and have a Pro license.

1 - Export access

From your Board, as an animator, click on the export button and then on "zip" to extract the Board data.

2 - Download file

The "zip" file is saved on your computer.

It contains various files, including the editable DOCX file.

3 - DOCX file contents

This document has several sections and is available in the user's language:

  • Summary of the activity (number of participants, ideas, questions)

  • List of participants

  • List of ideas grouped by colour (sorted by like)

  • List of ideas grouped by category (sorted by like)

  • List of completed dot-voting results (sorted by token)

  • List of all ideas (sorted by like)

If you'd like to export a Board's visuals, see this article: How do I get the visuals of the Board in the PDF report?

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