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06/20/2024: Reset an activity
06/20/2024: Reset an activity
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Do you ever create activities, share them for testing, then realize that you can no longer make changes? Now you can make changes at any time, thanks to the “Reset” button!

Until now, when you prepared an Activity such as a Quiz, a Survey or even a Mission, once shared, you could no longer modify the structure. You could no longer change the order of the questions, modify certain parameters or share the activity in pseudonym mode.

To reset, simply go to the activity editor from the Activities tab. A new button appears: Reset.

When you click on this button, several items will be deleted:

  • Participants

  • Responses

  • Access requests

Once reset, you'll be able to make changes, as well as remove your activity from a Network, switch it back to private and even switch it back to “Preparation” mode.

💡 Please note: this reset option works for all activities except Board

With this new feature, you can manage your activities more easily.

You save time, because you no longer need to duplicate an activity to continue your modifications!

This feature is available since 06/20/2024 for all Klaxoon users. You can also consult the Help Center to discover other features, or contact our Support team so that they can answer your questions.

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