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How to reset an activity?
How to reset an activity?
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You create activities, share them to test them, then find that you can no longer modify them?

You can make changes at any time using the "Reset" button!

Find out how in this article.

Manage my activities

To do this, click on your profile and then on "Activities".

Reset activities

1 - Access the activity editor

From the "Activities" tab, select the activity you wish to reset.

2 - Use the "Reset" button

In the activity editor, you'll find a new button: "Reset".

3 - Confirm reset

When you click on this button, several elements will be deleted:

  • Participants

  • Responses

  • Access requests

Once reset, you will be able to make modifications to the activity, remove it from a Network, and change the sharing mode (private, open, etc.).

⚠ Note: this reset option works for all activities except Board.

4 - Reset confirmation

Once reset, the activity returns to its initial state, ready to be modified and shared again as required.

To find out about the different ways of joining an activity, see this article: Join an activity

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