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Manage my eShop subscription.
Manage my eShop subscription.
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As an eShop account administrator, you have the possibility to manage your subscription from the Manage my team and the My subscription page.

To access your subscription management, name your team.

My subscription

1 - Add a license

To add a license to your subscription, click on Buy more licensesand choose the number of licenses you want to add.

The cost of the additional license will be prorated based on the time remaining on the current commitment before the next renewal.

2 - Cancel

To cancel your subscription, click on Cancel.

Payment method

3 - Edit your payment method

To edit the credit card associated with your subscription, click on Edit at the end of the row.

4 - Billing information

To edit you billing information, click on Edit.

Billing history

5 - Download invoices

To download all the invoices associated with your subscription click on download all.

6 - Contact support

For any specific request, please contact our support team by clicking on "Need help?" in the left-hand sidebar.

For any specific requests do not hesitate to contact our support via the HELP.

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