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You can change your photo, first name, last name, password, and the Klaxoon interface language on your profile page.

Your profile page is displayed:


1 Profile photo

Click on your photo to change or delete it. You can import an image as a JPG, PNG or non-animated GIF.

2 Email address

This is the email address linked to your Klaxoon account. If you wish to change it, please contact the support team.

3 First name/Last name

You can change the first name and last name displayed when you launch or participate in an activity.

4 Password

You can enter a new password. A bar will turn green once you have entered a sufficiently secure new password (based on how many characters you have used and whether you have included numbers and special characters).

5 Language

Select the language for your Klaxoon interface. Invitations to any activities you have launched will be sent to participants in the language used in your interface.

6 Save button

Click here to apply your changes.

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