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According to your Klaxoon subscription, you're able to store 5, 10 or 100 GB of data (photos and videos) for livening up your Activities. On the storage screen, you can import or delete files.

From the Activities tab, click on the Download icon in the top right-hand corner, then on Storage.

The storage screen is displayed:

1 - Search

Enter a word to find files by their name.

2 - File type

Select an activity type to filter the list.

3 - Hide used files

Check this box if you only want to list files that are not used in any activities (e.g. if you wish to delete these and quickly free up storage space).

4 - Dropbox

Click here to add files from your Dropbox account.

5 - ADD FILES button

Click here to add files from your device.

6 - Display mode

Click here to display files as a list or thumbnails.

7 - Check box

Check the images you wish to delete and then click on DELETE

8 - image options

Click here to display image options:

  • Preview: view the file

  • Rename: change the file name

  • Download: download the file to your device

  • Usage: display a list of activities that use the file

  • Delete: delete the file from your storage

9 - Navigation pages

Browse your pages to retrieve older files.

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