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As a participant, you can make personal notes in some activities.

There are two types of notes:

  • Note linked to a Page:

    • Adventure: step introduction

    • Mission: content page

    • Memo : content page

    • Session : presentation page (synchronised or shared on the Board)

  • Note linked to a Session :
    You can make notes at any time during a Session (except when an activity is launched).

To make notes related to a Page

The notes pop-up is displayed:


Cancels a new note (your changes will be lost)

Click here to preview the page on which you are making notes. This will appear in your personal notes screen.

Displays the options menu:

- Details: displays the activity's author, name and launch date and the date on which the note was created

- Delete the current note

Enter your text in this space

Click on save to add the notes to your Notes screen

To make notes related to a Session

The notes screen is displayed:


1 Text without character limit

2 Drawing + key without character limit

3 Image in JPG, PNG or non-animated GIF format + key without character limit

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