Creating a Board
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At the Klaxoon Hom, click on NEW then BOARD.

The creation pop-up appears:


Enter a name for the Board (250 characters maximum), add an image, and click CREATE

Where does an Activity image appear?
In the Home or in a Network, an Activity appears as an illustrated insert.
When you create an Activity, you can choose an image stored on your device or a photo taken on the spot. If you don't choose one, the image used will be your default profile picture.
You can then replace it in the Studio with an image from the Storage space.

The Board animation screen appears:


On the top right toolbar, click on Options

The Board options are displayed:


In options, click on Participants settings

Select the mode of your choice:

  • Facilitator-controlled: The facilitator controls the placement of ideas on the board. Participants cannot change or move items.

  • Free: Participants can send ideas and move them on the board. You will then be able to choose the elements they can act on with the options modify locked objects, modify drawings, images, shapes and modify the ideas of others.

Click on Views

This is where you set what participants see:

  • Show Board View / Show List View / Show Column View: Choose which view(s) to make available to participants

  • Show snapshots: Participants will be able to view and download screenshots taken by all participants

  • Show who sent the idea: Everyone will be able to see the identity of the participant who sent the selected idea

Click on Features

In the Participants' features box:

This is where you set up the participants' actions:

  • Create a Live: Participants will be able to start a Live at any time to hear and see other participants

  • Synchronize the Board: Participants will be able to present what they are watching on the Board. If a synchronization is already in progress, it will be interrupted.

  • Take Screenshots: Participants will be allowed to take screenshots of the Board

Your Board is ready to be shared: Invite participants to a Board

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