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Facilitate a Board
Facilitate a Board
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Once the Board is launched, the facilitator accesses the following interface to sort and annotate the ideas posted by the participants:

1 - The "+" button

Create and add your ideas in the form of text, drawing, photo or video.

2 - Idea

Drag and drop an idea to move it, and play with its size; double-click on an idea to modify it.

The toolbar

3 - Move arrow
Move your ideas wherever you like.

4 - Selection arrow
Activate multiple selection to move ideas, images or shapes.

5 - Interaction option
Choose whether you want to interact with :

  • locked elements

  • drawings, images, shapes

  • drawings and questions

6 - Moving around the Board
Click on the hand to move around the Board without moving Board elements.

7 - Undo/Restore
Click the left arrow to undo the last action, or the right arrow to redo it.

8 - Drawing tools
If you're using a laptop-type screen, here's what the toolbar looks like. To access the drawing toolbar, click on "Drawing tools".

If you're using a larger (dual-screen) display, here's what the drawing toolbar looks like:

Find out here how to use the drawing tools to customize your Boards!

Display options

9 - Views
Change the display mode of your Board:

  • Board: Ideas are placed manually on the infinite whiteboard

  • Column: Ideas are organized according to their category, which can be modified by dragging and dropping.

  • List: Table for sorting ideas according to different criteria (colors, categories, dimensions, etc.).

10 - Mini-Board
Miniature thumbnail view of the Board for quick access to larger Boards.

11 - Zoom
Zoom in or out on the Board.

12 - Display options
Display the grid, align your objects, pin your legend and access the Board's zoom options.

13 - Search
Display the idea search bar on the board with the help of different filters.

14 - Enlarge board
Hide toolbars to enlarge the available display surface.

Ideas on Board

15 - Contextual buttons
Different icons appear depending on the type of object selected:

  • Questions: ask participants a question (see how to ask a question in an idea)

  • Heart: like the idea

  • Pencil: edit the idea

  • Eye: see the idea in a larger format (drawing or image)

  • Play: create a slideshow with images of selected ideas (visible in synchronization)

  • Label : assign a category to the idea

  • Palette: change idea color

16 - 3-stitch button

  • Share: copy the link to the idea

  • Duplicate : create a copy

  • Convert to Jira

  • Lock : lock your idea so that it can no longer be moved

  • Size : change the size of your idea

  • Move forward, move backward: move the object forward to the foreground or backward to the background

  • Send to Inbox

  • Delete : delete the idea

17 - Inbox
Display the inbox, the idea selection tool with various filters:

  • Search by keywords

  • By color

  • By category

  • By number of hearts

18 - Inbox in list format
Show or hide the vertical list of Inbox ideas; use the selection rectangle to move several ideas at a time.

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