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Once the Board is launched, the facilitator accesses the following interface to sort and annotate the ideas posted by the participants:


1 - Menu

3 little dots menu

See Article: 3 little dots menu

2 - Board title

3 - Sharing option

Share the access code with participants so they can go directly to the Board. Click on it to display it in full screen, along with the entire invitation link and QR code. It is also possible to invite other participants from this window. Click on the lock to secure the Board by preventing access via the code (access only by email invitation)

4 - List

Display participants, invite a new one, block them, switch them to facilitator. The black dot indicates the number of participants.

5 - Download

Download your Board data in different types of formats (image, PDF, zip, Excel, csv, Klaxoon. With "Capture", save an image of the board in its current state and share it in PNG format via the gallery.

6 - Setting options

Modify, caption, add or delete colors (50 maximum). Discover how in video: Manage colors

Modify, add or delete categories (50 maximum)

Modify, add or delete dimensions (3 maximum)

Smart Zones
Display a pop-up with options to simplify the grouping of ideas by different criteria (categories, dimensions, colors, number of Likes, etc...)

Add or modify the objectives of the Board


  • Show/hide the background image

  • Activate/deactivate night mode (the board becomes black)

  • Adjust the size of the background image

Participant Mode

Select participants rights :

  • Controled mode: Participants can send ideas. Ideas will be stored in an inbox. The facilitator can then move them to the Board

  • Free modes: Participants can send ideas and move them on the Board; possibility to allow them to modify locked items and/or modify drawings, images, shapes and/or modify others' ideas


  • Participants' views: manage participant access to the different Board views, to captures taken, and to the identity of the participant who sent an idea

  • Participants' features: Allow participants to create a Live, synchronize their view and/or take captures


Display a pop-up with options to simplify the deletion of ideas or annotations

7 - Call

Launch a Live audio and video of 5, 15, 30 minutes renewable or infinte time, or a video conference (Meet, Skype, Teams, Webex or Zoom). It is also possible to share your screen.

8 - Synchronize

Enable simultaneous display on participants' terminals so they can follow your Board presentation

9 - Questions

Ask a question.

10 - Time

Timer : Display the Timer / Countdown

Pause : To block all activity on participants' terminals; click the play arrow to unblock the terminals.

11 - Update Smart Zones

Once Smart Zones are enabled in "Options", this button allows you to integrate new ideas on the Board into idea groups

12 - Contextual buttons

Different icons appear depending on the type of object selected:

  • Questions: ask a question

  • Heart: like the idea

  • Pencil: edit the idea

  • Eye: see the idea in a larger view (drawing or image)

  • Play: create a slideshow with images of selected ideas (visible in sync)

  • Label: assign a category to the idea

  • Palette: change the color of the idea

13 - Idea

Drag and drop an idea to move it, and play with its size; double-click on an idea to modify it

14 - Menu 3 little dots button

  • Share : copy the link to the idea

  • Duplicate : create a copy

  • Size : change the size

  • Planes : move the object to the foreground or backwards

  • Arrow : send the idea back to the Inbox

  • Trash : delete the idea

15 - Inbox

Display the Inbox, the idea selection tool that offers different filters:

  • Search by keywords

  • By colors

  • By category

  • By number of hearts

It is in the Inbox that the ideas of the participants arrive in "Facilitator-controlled" mode. And it is always possible to place ideas in the Inbox to be processed later, for example.

16 - Inbox in list format

Show or hide the vertical list of ideas in the Inbox; using the selection rectangle, you can move several ideas at once.

17 - Move arrow

Activate the navigating cursor in the board

18 - Selection arrow

Activate the multiple object selection rectangle (ideas, images and shapes)

19 - Interaction option

Interact on the Board with :

  • locked items

  • drawings, images, shapes

  • ideas and questions

20 - Navigate the Board

Click on the hand to move around the Board without moving items.

21 - Undo/Redo

Left arrow to undo the last action or right arrow to redo it

22 - Drawing tools

Show tools:

  • Choose a text, shape or drawing color

  • Write text that is easy to format (font, size, bold, italic, alignment, lists, color, ...)

  • Brushes: draw freeform shapes of any thickness

  • Select and draw a shape on the Board: rectangle, circle, triangle, line, arrow, double arrow and pen tool

  • Create a link anchored to 2 ideas

  • Eraser: erase objects with a click

Insert elements using files :

  • from csv: add a list of ideas at once (one idea per box)

  • files: any kind of file can be put in an idea

  • from Jira: add ideas from Jira tickets

Or directly on the Board:

  • sketch: use the chosen image and vectorize it on the board

  • images: add an image directly on the board

23 - The "+" button

Create an idea

24 - Views

Change the display mode of the Board:

  • Board: Ideas are manually placed on the infinite whiteboard

  • Column: Ideas are organized according to their category, which can be modified by drag and drop

  • List: Table allowing to sort ideas according to different criteria (colors, categories, dimensions, etc.)

25 - Mini-Board

Mini-Board thumbnail to quickly move around the large Boards

26 - Zoom

Zoom in or out on the Board

27 - Display

  • Zoom in on the selected item

  • Zoom in globally

  • Show the color legend of the ideas on the Board

  • Show the thumbnail to quickly move around the entire Board

  • Show objectives (or instuctions) on the Board

  • Show the background image

  • Show a grid on the Board

  • Enable grid magnetism, making it easier to align objects on the Board

28 - Search

Display the search bar for ideas on the board, with different filters:

  • Search by keywords

  • By colors

  • By category

  • By number of hearts

29 - Enlarge the Board

Hide toolbars to enlarge the available display area

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