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Zoom integration
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Klaxoon’s Zoom integration allows you to create Zoom meetings inside your Klaxoon

Add the Zoom feature to your company

Log into Klaxoon as an admin and go to Manage my Team and select the organization tab.
Check Zoom if needed into Manage video conference > Video conference provider. Save it.

Approve the Zoom integration

Into one of your Boards click the LIVE button and then the camera

Sign in with your Zoom credentials.

Click Authorize to allow Klaxoon to connect to your Zoom account.


Creating a Zoom Meeting within Board

Once the camera selected in Live menu, click the CREATE A NEW VIDEO CALL.


Joining a Zoom Meeting within Board

  • On the participant side, click on the camera

  • On the organizer side, click on the camera then JOIN VIDEO CALL

Closing a Zoom Meeting within Board

On the organizer side only, click the camera and CLICK END THE CALL.

Uninstalling the Zoom Integration

To remove the Zoom integration, visit and click UNINSTALL

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