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Launching an activity in a Session
Launching an activity in a Session
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When you create a Session in Studio, the following activities may be added:

  • Adventure

  • Board

  • Memo

  • Quiz

  • Survey

They are launched using a dedicated screen in the facilitator's interface.

One activity at a time

Unlike Live Questions, only one activity can be launched at a time, so the current activity must be closed to open a new one.

Once launched, an activity can no longer be edited in Studio.

Once an activity is open, participants cannot access other interactions (Live Questions, Messages, Notes).

1 To launch an activity

The activities screen is displayed:


How do I create a Board on the fly during a Session?

Using the Session dashboard, it is possible to create a Board without going back to Studio and launch it immediately.
Just click on +, enter the Board name, and then click on CREATE

2 In the Session Program box, click on the activity you wish to launch.

The activity dashboard is displayed.

3 If you want to close the Activity: on the upper-left corner of the facilitation screen, click on the cross of the Activity.

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