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Launching a Presentation
Launching a Presentation
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Presentations are aids used by facilitators. They may include pages created in Studio, images, videos, and PDF documents.

To display a Presentation

If your session includes several presentations, click on the one you require.

The presentation is displayed:


1 Table of contents

Display clickable miniatures of slides allowing you to browse the presentation as required.

2 Synchronize this presentation

When synchronization is enabled, slides are displayed live on participants' devices. The button turns blue. Click on it again to disable.

3 Minimize this presentation

To return to the Session Board – when you re-open the presentation, the last slide viewed is displayed.

4 Close

To return to the Session Board – when you re-open the presentation, the very first slide is displayed.

5 Previous slide

Displays the previous presentation slide.

6 Next slide

Displays the next presentation slide.

7 Activity box

Click on the box to launch the Activity, Live Question, or URL link (website) you have set.

Drag and drop to move the box.

8 Page number

Displays the progress in the Presentation.

9 Slide text

Click to display the text to the right of the image or video – click on the image or near the video to move the text back to the area below it.

10 Play/Pause

When an audio file is linked to a slide.

11 Share the slide

Add the slide to the Board in order to share it in the participants' screen.

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