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Viewing statistics (Session)
Viewing statistics (Session)
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Statistics are used for measuring participation in a Session.

To access the statistics screen

The statistics screen is displayed:


1 Number of klaxs

Klaxs relate to all forms of participant interaction including messages, ideas, comments, participation in an activity, etc.

2 Number of participants and average klaxs

The number of users connected to the Session and the average number of interactions per participant.

3 Engagement rating

Percentage of connected users who have interacted at least once (e.g. by sending a message or taking part in an activity).

4 Results

Average score of participants in quiz questions (in the Quiz, Adventure, and Memo activities).

5 Total Session length

The stopwatch stops when the Session ends.

6 List of launched activities

Activities that have been prepared but not launched are not displayed.

7 Number of klaxs per activity

Number of interactions per activity.

8 Engagement rating per activity

Percentage of connected users who have taken part in the relevant activity.

9 Results per activity

Participants' average score for the relevant activity.

10 Activity length

From start to end.

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