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Launching a Live Question
Launching a Live Question
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Live Questions provide a means of asking participants questions in a Session.

They may be prepared in Activities when creating a Session or added, if required, using the facilitator's interface.

To launch a Live Question

To the left of the facilitator's screen, click on the Puzzle button

The activities screen is displayed:

In the Live Questions box, click on:

And then click on the question you wish to launch.

The question dashboard is displayed in full-screen mode and is shown as a pink box on the Board for participants


1 - Minimize

Return to the Board of your Session without closing Live Questions. Participants can respond when they want. You can reopen the results screen by clicking on the pink banner in the Board.

2 - Close

Close the Live Question. Participants can no longer respond. Results are recorded in the Board

3 - Number of votes

Number of voters/number of Session participants

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