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To manage the Questions you have sent:

1 - In the navigation bar, click on Questions

The Questions interface appears:

2 - Click on Sent in the top right corner

The list of Questions you created appears:

3 - Click on the Question box to see the results

The Question window pops up, click on the 3 dot in the top left corner to show options:

1 - Menu 3 dot menu

Come back to the question

2 - Close

Close the question

3 - Access Code and QR code

Participants can enter this access code in their Klaxoon interface to access the question. Using a QR code reader application or the camera of certain smartphones, participants can also scan this pattern to access the question directly.

4 - Full Screen

Show the Question’s results in full-screen

5 - Invite

Add recipients by Name, E-mail, Network…

6 - Mute

Stop the notifications about this question

7 - Modify

Access the editing page of the Question. You're able to add email addresses of other invitees

8 - Download datas

Download your Question results file in .XLSX/.CSV format in a ZIP file.

9 - Close the question

Participants will no longer be able to participate but can view the results

Once closed, the lock is replaced by a trash icon, and you can delete the Question

More information: Received Questions

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