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Manage the Questions received:

In the navigation bar, click on Questions

The Questions interface will appear:


1 Questions

All questions received and not yet answered arrive in the central Questions tab.

2 Received

All questions answered go into the received tab. There is a pass option at the bottom-right of each question which allows you to put the question in the received tab without answering.

3 Status

If the question is closed, the results appear here. If the question is a Storm, the word Closed will be shown.

4 Participants

Profile pictures will be shown for each member who has received the question. A pink check mark will show who has responded.

5 Ideas

The number of ideas added since the last time the question was looked at.

6 Information

The total number of participants up to the most recent participation are indicated here. If the question is linked to a sticky note, the name of the Board will be shown too.

7 Journal

A pink bubble shows each new question received or not yet answered.

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