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What is a Network?
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Thanks to the Networks, it is no longer a necessity to meet up to synchronize: team collaboration continues outside of meetings.

Networks are private centralized groups where you can host and share Klaxoon activities. Set up a Network in seconds and invite your team members to participate without any time or storage constraints. Klaxoon activities are designed to allow each team member to contribute to group work in complete autonomy. Be it in the office or on the go, your team can keep up with Network activities at all times. This drives towards more efficient collaboration and saves time.

Potential Uses:

  • for a community: share good practices

  • for a team: share weekly meetings, useful/important information

  • for a group project: share access to kick-off meetings, workshops...

To get started, click on Network and get inspired by the Networks included in your account, Klaxoon Academy

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