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In Klaxoon Home, click on NEW and then on NETWORK.

The Creation pop-up is displayed.

Enter the Network name (maximum 80 characters), add an image, and then click on CREATE.

The quick-editing screen is displayed:

From your Studio, you can access all the settings:

In the Settings box, customize the appearance and description of the Network and click on save.

Breakdown of options:

  • Browse: select an image to represent the Network box on participants' home pages.

  • Objectives: enter a description presenting the Network to participants.

  • Color: select a color or enter a hexadecimal code from your graphics standards (e.g. red = #FF0000).

  • Authorize publication by Network members: check this box to enable members to publish articles and Activities in the Network.

In the Members box, click on COPY.

The link for your Network is added to your clipboard. You can share it to invite new members.

Invite members by email

You can also invite members by email by adding addresses individually or using a CSV file. This option enables the Network creator to provide access only to people who have been specifically invited. For further information, read the article Invite members by email. You can also invite members directly from the Network, without going through the Studio, as it is the case in Board.

In the Activities box, click on ADD ACTIVITY.

The pop-up for adding an Activity is displayed. This only shows Activities that have not yet been launched (Activities in progress are not available).

Check your chosen Activity and click on VALIDATE.

The Activity presentation pop-up is displayed:


Customize the Activity presentation page and click on PUBLISH.

The Activity is launched in the Network and the dashboard is displayed.

You and the other Network members can now select the Network when launching an Activity.

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