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The Manage Networks screen
The Manage Networks screen
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The Networks management screen enables you to access options for Networks that you have created.

In Studio, click on the Manage my Networks tab.

The Manage Networks screen is displayed:

1 - Search

Enter a keyword to find a specific Network.

2 - Headings

Click on a heading to change the order of the list based on this criterion.

3 - Name of Networks

Click here to access the Network editing screen

4 - New

Click to create a new Network (or new Activities)

5 - Display

Click to display your Networks in list or grid view

6 - Menu

Click on the "3 little dots" menu:

  • Edit: to access the Network editing screen

  • Access: to access the Network contents

  • Delete: to delete the Network; the articles will be deleted and the Activities will be closed (you can access the associated reports

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