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Invite members by email
Invite members by email
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You can invite participants to view content shared on a Network in two ways:

  • Directly from the Network, as it is possible to do on Board

  • By sharing the link for the Network – the link initially supplied by the Network creator is all you need to log in

  • By sending an invitation email, which entails either entering email addresses manually or importing a CSV file (Excel spreadsheet) – this option allows the Network creator to provide access only to people who have been specifically invited

In your Network

Click on the Share tab in the upper right corner

The invitation pop up is displayed:

1 - Add to list

Enter the email addresses of people you wish to invite and click on ADD

The email addresses are added to the list of members.

2 - Import a csv

Click to import a file in CSV format (Excel spreadsheet) containing email addresses. Klaxoon can distinguish email addresses from other content in the spreadsheet.

3 - Guest settings

Click on the 3 small dots to access the settings:

  • change to co-anim

  • Revoke the invitation

  • Resend the invitation

4 - Send e-mail invitation

A message is sent to members inviting them to the Network:

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