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Invite members by email
Invite members by email
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You can invite participants to view content shared on a Network in two ways:

  • Directly from the Network, without going through the Studio, as it is possible to do on Board

  • By sharing the link for the Network – the link initially supplied by the Network creator is all you need to log in

  • By sending an invitation email, which entails either entering email addresses manually or importing a CSV file (Excel spreadsheet) – this option allows the Network creator to provide access only to people who have been specifically invited

1 In your Network, click on the Invitation tab in the upper right corner

The invitation pop up is displayed:


2 In the Studio, on the Network editing screen, open the Members box. Here you will find:

  • The Network sharing link - to share the Network access link, click on COPY

  • LThe button to access the e-mail invitations

  • The list of members ; to remove them, click on Remove



The invite members screen is displayed:


1 Filter

Filter which members are displayed:

  • ready: participants whose email addresses have been added but to whom the invitation email has not yet been sent

  • invited: participants who have received an email invitation but have not yet logged in

  • member: participants who are monitoring activity within the Network

2 Add to list

Enter the email addresses of people you wish to invite and click on ADD

The email addresses are added to the list of members.

3 import a csv

Click to import a file in CSV format (Excel spreadsheet) containing email addresses. Klaxoon can distinguish email addresses from other content in the spreadsheet.

4 Select all invitees

Check this to select all the addresses before clicking on SEND E-MAIL INVITATIONS

5 List of members and invitees

The e-mail addresses and statuses of all members and invitees.

6 Remove

Click here to delete an e-mail address (for those with ready status only)

7 Send e-mail invitation

Check e-mail addresses in the list and click to send invitations.

A message is sent to members inviting them to the Network:

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