Creating a Memo
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In Klaxoon Home, click on NEW and then on MEMO.

The Creation pop-up is displayed:

Enter the name of the Memo (maximum 80 characters), add an image, and then click on CREATE.

Where is the image for an Activity displayed?

Activities are displayed in Home or in a Network as an illustrated box.

When creating them, select an image stored on your device or a photo taken on the fly. If you do not choose one, your profile photo will be used by default.

You can then subsequently change this in Studio using the file picker (Klaxoon Storage).

The editing screen

Click on ADD PAGE to insert an existing page or create a new page.

More info: Creating a page


Click on IMPORT FILE to add pages from a file using the file picker (Klaxoon Storage).

Drag and drop the thumbnails of your pages and questions to broadcast them in the required order within the Memo.

Your Memo is ready to be shared, click on LAUNCH and then select how you wish to broadcast the Activity.

The Activity dashboard is displayed:

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