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Facilitating a stand-alone Survey
Facilitating a stand-alone Survey
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The Survey launched in stand-alone mode (i.e. outside a Session) is preferably used asynchronously. At any time, you can view the participants' results.


1 Burger Menu

Display a menu enabling you to:

  • Quit the activity (it remains open and participants can connect and explore it).

  • Enable/disable full screen.

  • Enable/disable high-contrast mode.

  • Zoom in/zoom out (applied to the interface).

  • Invite participants to the activity (in Studio).

  • Change the activity by accessing the editing screen in Studio.

  • Download data in CSV format (spreadsheet) showing the results of the activity.

  • Close the activity: this closes it permanently preventing participants from responding to any further questions, although they can view the results.

2 Pause

Freezes all activity on participants' devices.

Click on the play button to unfreeze devices.

3 Stopwatch

Displays the stopwatch/timer.

4 Number of participants

Displays a list of connected participants. The black bubble shows the number of participants.

5 Results

Access results for each question of the Survey.

6 Access code

Displays a popup with sign-in details for participants.

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