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Facilitating a Survey (Session)
Facilitating a Survey (Session)
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The dashboard of a Survey launched in a Session provides a live view of the participants' progress, and their results once a question is completed by all the participants.


1 Session Board

Return to Session Board without closing the activity.

2 Close the activity

Content and question results can still be viewed on the Session Board.

3 Question numbers (Question-by-Question mode)

The active question is shown in green.

4 Pause

Freezes all activity on participants' devices.

Click on the play button to unfreeze devices.

5 Stopwatch

Displays the stopwatch/timer.

6 Number of participants

Displays a list of connected participants. The black bubble shows the number of participants.

If required, you can delete a participant from the list. His/her contributions to activities will continue to be recorded. S/he can subsequently reconnect.

7 Participant progress

In Free – Classic mode, progress is displayed for all questions and the result screen is displayed once all the participants have answered every question.

In Question by Question – Controlled by the facilitator mode (shown above), the circle fills up as participants answer. Once everyone has answered, the results for the question are displayed.

8 Progress breakdown

Displays a list of participants for the question

9 Stop waiting

The results for the question are displayed even if some of the participants have not yet answered.

10 Next question (in Question by question – Controlled by the facilitator mode)

Click to make the next question available to the participants (the button is available once every participant has answered).

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