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Facilitating an Adventure (Session)
Facilitating an Adventure (Session)
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The dashboard of an Adventure launched in a Session provides a live view of the participants' progress and their quiz results once a step is completed by all the participants.


1 Session Board

Return to Session Board without closing the activity.

2 Information

Displays information regarding the Adventure: objectives, number of steps, and points per question.

3 Close the activity

This closes the Adventure and the results are recorded on the Session Board. You can replay the adventure, but all the previous answers will be lost.

4 Pause

Freezes all activity on participants' devices.
Click on the play button to unfreeze devices.

5 Stopwatch

Displays the stopwatch/timer.

6 Number of participants

Displays a list of connected participants. The black bubble shows the number of participants.

If required, you can delete a participant from the list. His/her contributions to activities will continue to be recorded. S/he can subsequently reconnect.

7 Step number

The circles fill up as all the participants complete the relevant step.

Click here to display:

  • Progress made by individual participants before the step is completed.

  • Group results and the correct answers once the step is completed by all participants.

8 Leaderboard

Displays a participant leaderboard with the points participants have earned.

9 Background music

Enables/disables the background music for the Adventure.

10 End the Adventure

Stops the Adventure and displays the results screen even if some of the participants have not finished.

The results screen is similar to the stand-alone Adventure screen.

11 Access code

Displays a popup with sign-in details for participants.

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