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Facilitating a Mission
Facilitating a Mission
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Once the Mission is launched, the facilitator accesses the interface shown below to view participants' results:

1 - Burger Menu

Displays a menu enabling you to:

  • Change the Session by accessing the editing screen in Activities (add an Activity, a Live Question, etc...)

  • Display on screen

  • Duplicate

  • Create a teamplate

  • Close the Session: it is permanently closed and you can generate and share the report

  • Leave the Session: it stays open so you can continue it later and participants can continue to connect and take part in open activities

  • Full screen: enable/disable

  • High-contrast mode: enable/disable

2 - Share

Invite participants

Access code: displays a popup with connection details for participants.

Lock: to allow or block the use of the access code to join the session.

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3 - Participants

Invite participants: to add participants by name, email address, Network....

Number of participants: displays a list of connected participants. The black bubble shows the number of participants.

4 - Download

Export session data (zip format, Klaxoon format, pdf report)

5 - Stopwatch

Displays the stopwatch/timer.

6 - Ranking

To display the participants' rankings, with their respective scores and the stage reached

7 - Results

Quiz: to display detailed scores, question by question, and correct answers

Survey: to display response statistics

Memo: to display pages and results of quiz and poll questions

8 - Step thumbnails

Click to select a Mission step and display its information.

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