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Types of Quiz questions
Types of Quiz questions
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Klaxoon offers 9 types of Quiz questions used in the Quiz, Adventure, and Memo activities.

Single choice question (SCQ)

Participants select one answer from several options.

Example: Spot the odd one out.

Multiple choice question (MCQ)

Participants select several answers from several options.

Example: What are the safety instructions?

Drag'n drop image to text

Participants match an image (thumbnail) with a text.

Example: Find the product names

Drag'n drop image to image

Participants match an image with another image.

Example: Match these brands and their founders.

Find the word

Participants must enter a word or number in response to a question.

Example: How many ... ? / In what year ... ? / What is the name of ... ?

Fill the gaps

Participants must enter words to fill in the gaps.

Example: Enter the missing words.


Participants must sort text items into pre-defined categories.

Example: Match these authors with a literary movement.


Participants turn over images to find pairs.

NB – only submit the question after you have found all the pairs.

Example: Match the images.

Sort into order

Participants sort items into order.

Example: Sort the following from newest to oldest.

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