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Facilitating a stand-alone Quiz
Facilitating a stand-alone Quiz
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The Quiz launched in stand-alone mode (i.e. outside a Session) is preferably used asynchronously. At any time, you can view the participants' results.

1 - Menu

Display a menu enabling you to:

  • Copy the access code or link to the activity.

  • Share the activity by inviting participants via a link or on social networks.

  • Modify the activity by accessing the editing screen in the Studio.

  • Duplicate the activity in the Studio.

  • Create a Template from your activity. You can then reuse it to create other quizzes.

  • Close the activity: it is closed permanently; participants will no longer be able to answer the questions but will be able to consult the results.

  • Access activity statistics, such as participant engagement and scores.

  • Go to the article to add a comment, switch to participant mode or add the activity to your favourites.

  • Leave the activity (it remains open and participants can log in and explore it).

2 - Share

Share your Quiz with participants by inviting them by email, sharing a code or a link. Lock the activity so that your participants cannot access it.

The sharing mode is divided into two parts.

First, you can name the Board and define the level of access to the activity.

The default sharing mode is Private: only invited users and/or members of the aforementioned Network will be able to access the activity.

If you activate pseudonym access, a message will appear indicating that participants will need to identify themselves to join the activity.

The "Open" sharing mode simplifies access for non-connected participants.

Register and share to invite participants by name, e-mail or Network.

Share the activity in a Network.

3 - Number of participants

Access the number of participants and their management. View their status, progress and results, as well as participants who are online, absent, invited or blocked.

4 - Manage your time

Manage your time on your Quiz with the Stopwatch, the Timer or the Break.

If you choose to Pause your activity, participants will no longer be able to take part in the current activity and their screen will show: "Heads up".

5 - Results

Access the results for each Quiz question and see the percentage of correct answers.

6 - Export menu

Export your Quiz results in ZIP, Excel, CSV, Klaxoon or PDF format.

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