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Facilitating a Quiz (Session)
Facilitating a Quiz (Session)
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The animation screen of a Quiz launched in a Session shows the progress of participants in real time, and displays the results of questions completed by all participants.

1 - Session Flow

Return to Session Flow without closing the activity.

2 - Close activity

Question content and results can still be viewed in the Session Flow.

3 - Share

Invite participants to your activity

4 - Number of participants

To display the list of connected participants. The black bubble indicates the number of participants.

If necessary, you can remove a participant from the list. The participant's contributions to the activity remain saved. They can be reconnected later.

5 - Live

Start videoconference

6 - Stopwatch

To display the stopwatch / countdown timer

7 - Export

Export the session

8 - Question numbers (in question-by-question mode)

The active question is displayed in blue.

9 - Participant progress

In Free - Classic or Evaluation mode, progress is displayed for all questions, and the results screen is displayed once all participants have answered all questions.

In Question-by-question mode - Facilitator-controlled (see screenshot above), the circle fills up as participants answer. Once they have all answered, the results of the question are displayed.

10 - Next question (in question-by-question mode - controlled by moderator)

Click to open the next question to participants (button available once all participants have answered).

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