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Create a Template
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The Template feature is a quick and easy way to share a Klaxoon Activity format with your team so that they can use it themselves.

To create a Template

In your Activitis, look at the list of activities and find the one that you want to create a template of. Then, on the right hand side, at the end of the row, click on the 3 little dots.

Click on Template :

The editing interface is displayed:

Add an image

To insert an image from the file picker.

Add a video

To insert a video :

  • (recommended) copy/paste a link to a YouTube, Dailymotion, or Vimeo video

  • (Only for broadcasting using the Klaxoon Box) Click on 'browse' to select an MP4 file stored on your device.

Add a description:

Enter a description presenting the Network to participants.

In the editing screen of your activity, click on PUBLISH

The presentation pop-up of your activity is displayed.

Customize the Activity presentation page

And click on SHARE

The Template is launched in the Network and the article page is displayed.

You and the other members of the Network can now use this Template.

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