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The manage activities screen
The manage activities screen
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In Studio, click on the Manage Activities tab

The Manage Activities screen is displayed:


1 Search

Enter a word to find a specific Activity.

2 Activity type

Select an Activity type to filter the list.

3 Hide closed Activities

Check this box to ensure that closed Activities are not included in the list.

4 Headings

Click on a heading to change the order of the list based on this criterion.

5 Launch

This status relates to Activities that have not yet been launched. Click here to launch.

6 Go

This status relates to Activities in progress. Click here to access them.

7 Report

This status relates to closed Activities. Click here to access the report.

8 Publish

This status relates to an Activity in its Template format. Click here to publish this Template in a Network.

9 Menu

Click here to show a pop-up menu (the available options depend on the Activity status):

  • Prepare (Board in launch status): to prepare your Board before launching

  • Edit: to edit the Activity.

  • Preview (Capsule): to view the pages as a participant.

  • Invite: to access the page for sending email invitations.

  • Duplicate: to create a copy of the Activity (Board features an option enabling you to copy all the data during duplication).

  • Template: to make a Template from an Activity and share it in a Network for all members of your team who have an account with Studio access.

  • Export: to download the KLX file for the Activity, i.e. its source file which can be re-imported into another Klaxoon account.

  • Article: to access the Activity article page on the Home interface.

  • PDF (Session in report status): to download the report in PDF format.

  • Stats: to view the participation statistics of the Activity (score, engagement).

  • Close: to switch the Activity to report status (people invited can view the results but cannot participate any more).

  • Delete (launch or report status): to permanently delete an Activity and its results.

10 Navigation pages

11 New

Click here to display the creation screen.

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