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Connecting to the Klaxoon Box
Connecting to the Klaxoon Box
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Once the Klaxoon Box has been started up, the facilitator and participants can connect to it using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

1 - Connect your device to the Wi-Fi generated by the Klaxoon Box: KlaxoonBox followed by a 4-digit number and a letter (e.g.: KlaxoonBox1014t)

Internet connectivity

While connected to the Klaxoon Box's Wi-Fi, your Internet connection is disconnected.

2 - In the web browser on your device, enter the address:
The login page is displayed:

Public Sessions

Sessions opened by the facilitator in Public mode are shown here – just click on join to take part in them.

Access code

Enter an access code provided by the facilitator to take part in a Session opened in Protected mode.

Log in

If you are the facilitator, click on log in. You must enter the password for the Klaxoon Box to access the facilitator home page and Activities.

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