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What is the MeetingBoard?
What is the MeetingBoard?
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The MeetingBoard is a touch screen board designed for creating and facilitating Klaxoon activities:

  • With or without an Internet connection

  • Fully mobile for use in all your work spaces

The MeetingBoard provides the whole team with the tools to hold effective, participative, and highly agile meetings.

The screen size of the MeetingBoard is 49-inch.

The MeetingBoard is capable of generating its own secure local Wi-Fi network (for up to 50 participants) or establishing an online connection with the Klaxoon Cloud.


1 Touch screen

The screen switches on and off in synch with the Klaxoon Box.

Screen standby

If the screen is on standby, press its power button to reactivate it.

2 Handles

Enable you to transport the MeetingBoard easily on its wheels.

3 Klaxoon Box

This Klaxoon Box is supplied with a special software system for the MeetingBoard.

Press the power button briefly to turn on the MeetingBoard.

> The light comes on and the screen is activated.

To switch off the MeetingBoard, press the button briefly and wait for the light and screen to turn off.

4 Wireless keyboard

The MeetingBoard is supplied with a wireless keyboard and battery. Use a micro USB-USB cable to charge it.

5 Power cable

Plug this into a wall socket to supply the whole MeetingBoard with power.

6 Ethernet port

To connect the MeetingBoard to the Internet, connect the Ethernet port to a network socket using an RJ45 cable (not included).

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