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Starting up the MeetingBoard in online mode
Starting up the MeetingBoard in online mode
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When the MeetingBoard is connected to the Internet, you can access all the activities in your Klaxoon Cloud account.

If you have a secure network

In some organisations, the IT security policy dictates that all devices must be authenticated before they are connected to the network. In this case, start up the MeetingBoard in offline mode, open Studio > Network Configuration tab, and enter the required settings with the help of your IT manager. You can then use the online mode.

Connect the MeetingBoard to an Ethernet socket using an RJ45 cable.

Press the power button briefly to switch on the MeetingBoard.

The screen is activated and the participant login page is displayed:


Click on LOG IN

The facilitator's login page is displayed:


Enter the login details for your Klaxoon Cloud account and click on LOG IN

The home page of your Klaxoon Cloud account is displayed.

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