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Configuration of Jira with a personal token
Configuration of Jira with a personal token
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Allow connection to Jira by personal token

From the Organization tab, the administrator can choose to authorize the connection of the users of his console with a personal token.

In Integration management section select the option Free login with personal token.


From their Board, the Pro user can import a project from Jira.

Click on Insert on the toolbar at the bottom left of the Board.

Click on Jira


The connection page with Jira is displayed:


To gather the Jira connection data, connect to your Jira account and create an API token from your settings.



The creation page is displayed, create a nom for this token an click on CREATE


Once the token is created click on COPY

Go back to Klaxoon and past the API token


Once the form is completed, click on SAVE

Synchronization of tickets and ideas between Jira and Klaxoon

In order for tickets to be synchronized in both directions, i.e. from Klaxoon to Jira and from Jira to Klaxoon, you must have the Full Admin status.

With a simple Admin status, the synchronization of tickets is only done in one direction: an idea submitted on the Klaxoon Board will appear in Jira, but a ticket created in Jira will not appear on the Klaxoon board.

For more information on two-way synchronization contact our support team via HELP


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