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How do I connect my participants quickly?
How do I connect my participants quickly?
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Whether it's a Board, a Session, a Memo... Once your activity has been launched, you can send an email inviting people to take part, which enables them to access the activity quickly.

Access the sharing options:

  • entering participants' email addresses, or

  • copying the link that is generated

From the "Share" menu

The sharing mode is divided into two parts.

First, you can name the Board and define the level of access to the activity.

The default sharing mode is Private: only invited users and/or members of the aforementioned Network will be able to access the activity.

If you activate pseudonym access, a message will appear indicating that participants will need to identify themselves to join the activity.

The "Open" sharing mode simplifies access for non-connected participants.

Save and share, a new modal opens in which you can add the people to be invited in the corresponding fields.

From the Activities

Click on "Share"

Or on the 3 little dots

Then "Share"

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