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How to define idea colors in Board?
How to define idea colors in Board?
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As a Board animator, you can define up to 50 different idea colors. You can do this in two ways: by clicking on the options, or by adding a new idea.

1) Define colors in the options

Click on Options in the top right corner.

Then click on "Colors".

A settings dialog box opens:

  • To add a color: click on the green "+" button.

- The top bar allows you to choose the color.

- With the bar below, you can define the shade. 100 different shades of a color are available: from darkest to lightest (up to white).

- If you want to make a caption, associate labels to the colors in the text bar below.

- Finally, click on "save". The Board colors have been changed!

  • To remove a color: click on the blue "x".

  • To display the legend on your Board: check "Show legend".

2) Manage colors directly in a new idea

Click on the "+" button to add your new idea.

Before sending it to the Board, look at your idea on the screen and the different options available on the right. Notice the green "+" button? Click it. The color palette appears.

All you have to do is choose the color and shade of your choice, and add a label (or not)! Click on "add" and your new color is saved!

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