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Checklist to share a board easily
Checklist to share a board easily
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Discover the essentials before sharing a Board

You have just created a Board and want to share it, here is a checklist that includes all the steps to follow to share your Board with your colleagues.

1 – Participant Settings

Open the options and click on "Participant Settings". You can also access it from your Studio.

Create, edit & move

By default the Free mode is activated, participants are free and can interact with locked elements, drawings, images, shapes or ideas of others.

The Controlled mode allows only the animator to control the placement of ideas.



2 - "Share" button

Klaxoon offers two options for sharing a Board: by access code or in a Network (See also: What is a Network?)

Two connection modes are available: by email address or by pseudonym (See also: Join an activity)

You can rename your board, add a picture or a description.

Finally click on "share my board".

3 - Sharing link

Find the different sharing options from the "share" button on the top right.

Note that at any time you can lock access by code.

By clicking on the three small dots at the top left, you will find other sharing options.

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